We continue to remember and celebrate the life of our beloved daughter and friend. In honor of her birthday, we are sharing a small collection of songs ... "Encounter" that we pray will bring comfort and healing to you. 


Becca's legacy and message lives on through her music. Every note and lyric comes straight from our Abba Father and will soothe your spirit.


If you would like a copy of this CD, please contact us at 816.229.7777 or start listening now to hear an amazing message that God has for you.

My most amazing best friend and I worked on this video and I would like to reshare it with you.

Much love, Christy Vaught


We invite you to an encounter. An encounter to meet Jesus. An encounter to worship the One True God. An encounter to be transformed by the Holy Spirit.


Our greatest desire is that you know Jesus and that you meet Him right where you are. Jesus gave His life for us and God loves us so much. He desires to have an encounter with you. This is an invitation to An Encounter to Worship.



*All music is written and performed by Becca Steiner and imagery curated by Christy Vaught.